What do the Burgundy Wave Crew do?

BW members

They campaign. 

They build towards political change. 

They talk a lot!

Members of the Burgundy Wave do everything that helps fire up momentum for political change - both at work and in their communities.

They talk about the issues that matter to  them, and chose to do activities that they consider to be effective and fun.

For example; helping workmates sign pledge cards, engaging in Facebook and twitter campaigns or going to lobby politicians with other United Voice members. 

Some do a little, some do a lot. Every little bit of activity counts.

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earn pointsEarn Points - Win Rewards!

You can earn Burgundy Wave points by being active in the campaign.

There are a variety of things you  can do to earn points and spread the Burgundy Wave message, like recruiting other work colleagues to the campaign by signing  up, getting along to meetings and events, sharing and signing petitions, completing surveys, liking and sharing on social media.

You can check out the leader board at any time HERE!


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