Should I Join?

Members working together!

  • Do you think we need more secure and better paid jobs?
  • Do you think we need more funding for our Hospitals and Schools?
  • Do you think the Liberal Government values the big end of town at the expense of everyday families?
  • Are you sick and tired of it all?

Then YES! You should join the Burgundy Wave! And together we'll fight for a fair Australia.

Does it cost money?

Nope. Not now. Not ever. All it costs is a bit of the time, and a bit of passion!

Take Action

To achieve our mission, we believe in combining online and offline activism. We honor our digital activists using leaderboards and shout outs at in-person events.

You can earn points and earn rewarding incentives. Everyone in the Burgundy Wave accrues points for all of their activity and hard work!

As members of the Burgundy Wave raise their political consciousness and expand their engagement, we want to identify and reward excellence to those hard working and active members as out volunteer leaders. 

For example, everyone receives 1000 points for joining up. You can earn other points through attending some of our fun social events like production parties, drinks and dinners, signing petitions and sharing them with your work colleagues, moving work colleagues to becoming union members and joining the Burgundy Wave!

You can earn points through various workplace activities and community activities and in helping with the design and organising of activities for the Burgundy Wave - so bring your ideas, enthusiasm and energy!

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Listen to Shane, Brett & Jude explain why they're stepping up to take political action this year

Authorised by Carolyn Smith, Perth WA.

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