Change The Rules - National Rally

Every Australian deserves a decent, living wage, no matter what job we do or who we are.

But today, big business and certain politicians have too much power.

They force down our wages, privatise our essential services, cut funding to our schools and hospitals, and let our infrastructure fall behind; all while helping themselves to tax breaks and perks.

Then they blame working people and everyone else for their problems!

It's a joke.

Working people are fighting back. We're uniting together as Australians from every background to win a fairer share for working people - just like we won Medicare, safer workplaces, and marriage equality.

Together, we are unbreakable.
Together, we'll change the rules.

Are you in?

October 18, 2018 at 11am - 1pm
Solidarity Park
Harvest Terrace
West Perth 6000
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Will you come?