'There is a mood for change'


When school cleaner Terry joined Lisa O'Malley on a Sunday morning to doorknock in Bicton there were two things on his mind - the Liberal government's harmful privatisation plan and how Burgundy Wavers' can change the government. 

As a school cleaner Terry is worried about the privatisation of school services and what that does to students and education staff. 

"I’m concerned about the future," Terry said.

"And it’s better to be involved than just sit in the sidelines." 

Terry spent 2.5 hours doorknocking his way around the new seat of Bicton, a nominally Liberal seat with a 10 per cent margin, but it wasn't long before he realised he wasn't alone in his concerns about the Barnett Government's management of the State.

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Re-introducing Karma Lord

Six years is a long time. And yet it’s not. 

karma lord

That’s how long I’ve been away from United Voice WA, before returning and being elected to the position of Assistant Secretary.

Fourteen years ago I was an educator in an early learning centre.

My first union campaign was my own.

My workmates and I fought against wage underpayments, discrimination and bullying.

I experienced how empowering it was to discover my voice had value, my actions made a difference and the strength of the sisterhood.

I was hooked.

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Authorised by Carolyn Smith, Perth WA.

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