Dear Deputy Premier, Minister for Health and Mental Health,

As Ambulance Paramedics, we are committed to providing high quality pre-hospital care and support to the people of Western Australia when they need it most. We deliver the most cost effective service in Australia. We know that the State Government can ultimately determine how we work and provide the support we need to do our jobs.

We are asking for your support.

We urge the McGowan Government to take action on the following matters critical to improving support for Ambulance staff and vital to the effective delivery of pre-hospital care for all Western Australians:

  1. Review how volunteers are used and increase the ratio of Paramedics in regional Western Australia involved directly in the delivery of pre-hospital care;

  2. Introduce presumptive legislation to the Workers Compensation and Injury Management Act for Paramedics suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; and

  3. Introduce new key performance indicators to the Ambulance Services Agreement to ensure appropriate government oversight for our wellbeing and the delivery of services to the community.

We ask that you work with our Union to progress the matters above and support our efforts to support the people of Western Australia.

Yours Sincerely,